Property finderLet us find your property! Our reputation in the Italian territory allow us in a short time to offer the most complete and precise choice of properties to accommodate your needs in a short time period. Here is why:The high quality of service obtained by Toscana Immobiliare and Marco Tedeschi Group in three decades of hard work in the real estate field; -our perfect knowledge of the territory; -our intensive market research and knowledge of current conditions; -and, again, our reputation in the Italian territory will get you complete and precise property search in a short time.Our goal is to safeguard your time and your money in order to give you our maximum guarantee of high professionalism, which is not easy to find these days. We have matured over time thanks to some famous international satisfied customers who have previously entrusted to us and still gratify us with their friendship and word of mouth recommendations.
Property Finder will function as an accelerator in the usual buying and selling journey which, if done by yourself, can invest months of research, unnecessary complications and eventually present some unpleasant surprisesYour Personal Property Finder will want to know your needs and understand the reasons for your purchase in order to outline the key points of the research. The Finder will visit all the properties first and make all the possible surveys of it before offering them to you. The Finder will know all the details and will give you an exact picture of the real property.
Services Offered:Organization of the first visit with the client to the selected properties;Preparation of a second technical survey for the assessment by an experienced professional to the selected property for specialized questions; Preliminary analysis of the purchase, tax and quotations for maintenance restructuring;Drafting a proposal to purchase and a preliminary contract to the customer as well as assistance until the signing of the final contract of sale, with all the associated formalities. Make all necessary e-mail and telephone communication with the customer, to be available for every conversation or correspondence with a minimum notice of 24 hours on working days;Keep the customer free from any claim for reimbursement, commission or other disbursements from other agents.