Piazza Vittorio Emanuele Square, 21-53048 Bettolle  


Typical palace of the eighteenth century of 5600 square meters. located in the urban area of historic center of Rome. The area is represented by residential buildings, but there is a strong commercial connotation. The Palace, which expresses typical eighteenth-century architectural features, was built by the architect Giovanni Valvassori in 1750 for the Marquis Giuseppe Rondinini, a famous collector of classical antiquities. Inside, the building is distinguished by the decorative richness of the rooms and courtyards. In fact, you can perceive the ancient preciousness of the rooms through illusionistic paintings, architectural views, paint of mythological stories, trompe-l'oeil and many bas-reliefs and stuccos. Of great value are the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor but it is the 1st floor that stands out for its particularity and for the important architectural aspects given by the rooms of the noble floor with the vaults completely decorated with beautiful squares and refined floors marble. The party hall and the gallery with a large fresco representing the Fall of Phaethon are very suggestive. The courtyard is lined with marble and valuable sculptures that give it an undoubted architectural value.The building consists of a basement, 5 floors above ground as well as a mezzanine floor.The various floors are served by 2 stairs, of which the main one has access from the internal courtyard, while the second one is accessed from the street. There are also 2 old-fashioned elevators built in the 1960s.

Price: 50.000.000,00 Euro



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 Nation: Italy
 Region: Lazio
 Surface: 5600.00 mq. (ft.: 60278.4)
 Condition: Finished
 Energy Class: E 91-120 Kwh/mq
 Category: Investments

Income real estate investment in Italy with over 7% annual profit. Property rented to a well-known brand with high profi…

2.550.000,00 Euro

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