How to sell your home abroad -- AND -- how to get the best of it!

In recent years, selling a home abroad is a desire shared by a great number of property owners. The reason is easily explained: the situation of the Italian domestic property market does not have a very optimistic situation for the owners, as the economic crisis has affected the cash savings of millions of Italians, leaving fewer buyers. Those are the two main causes. In people's heads thus comes the idea that the only person able to purchase a property would be the foreign buyer, Russian, Chinese, German, etc.. Actually, you have to be careful not to be misled by the "fashion" of the moment. It is true that many foreign investors are ready to buy a property in Italy but it is also true that not all properties now have a market abroad. It is not enough to have the property in Tuscany and to think it will sell to the Russians or the Chinese.

Let us analyze the THREE most common errors:

1) First, there is the tendency to think that the foreign buyer is willing to pay more of the property's real value. It is not true! The foreign buyer, Russian, American or Chinese, as it is, is very well aware of the Italian market and will not spend a euro more of the property value and more likely could take advantage of the situation to snatch the deal. So our advice is to be objective in evaluating and choosing the right price because, the risk of keeping the property on the market for long, long time is to decrease its value!

2) The second most common error to avoid for those who want to sell house abroad is thinking that it is enough to advertise the property on specialized sites (sell house to the Russians, sell house to the Chinese, Americans etc ..). Be careful about that, as there are many proposals available and not all are effective! The first action to do is to value your the property for sale in order to present it at its best and only then, if a buyer does not immediately appear, think about the best advertising channels to use.

3) The third and most common mistake is to put a property on the market while it is not in perfect condition or also, using past outdated advertising. Very often sellers believe it is sufficient to take pictures with the phone, often dark, crooked or lowercase, or make only just a few of the interior or the exterior. That will only advertise “amature!” Another common mistake is to publish online a scan of the plan made by a cadastral extract. One must make the most of your property and to show it in its full splendor and with a complete material and value, and only in this way you will be able to sell it at the right price!

Some tips to improve advertising:

- Make the most of the property through a beautiful photo shooting of all the internal, preferably furnished, and external environments, so that the potential buyer can see your property on the other side of the world;- Obtain a floor plan of the property that is as comprehensive as possible, showing the present state of the house;- Are you selling your villa? Make photographs from above to show it from a unique perspective in order to impress your customer and dare to be different from the others on the market.- A nice presentation done, it is time to advertise it on the web in all countries. Reliable real estate agencies with decades of experience, working at the international level, is the only way to be sure it is visible to everyone! At this point you must be very careful! There are many websites and real estate agencies and if you do not choose well there is the risk of throwing away a lot of time and money. We at Toscana Immobiliare and Marco Tedeschi Group have carefully chosen foreign websites which advertise the property: we are present on over 70 real estate portals in all countries in the world, with more than 60 partners of real estate offices.