COVID-19 is creating unprecedented challenges for buyers and sellers throughout Italy and across the world.
We are monitoring the situation closely and our buyers, sellers and employees - remain our top priority. Today and more than ever, Toscana Immobiliare and Marco Tedeschi Group are as ever open to concluding real estate transactions, which is why we are looking to keep ever more active online both to stay in constant contact with our customers, who have entrusted us in selling their properties, and also to acquire new properties, and in particular to promote and sell real estate online, while remaining very much in touch with buyers. Many buyers from around the world use our platform to continue connecting with properties for sale, asking us for more details and information. We have been buying and selling properties online since 2017. Our first È-customers were Canadians, for whom we organized all the administrative due diligence and interacted with them sending photographs and videos on the property, this also led us to prepare market surveys, feasibility studies, estimates, appraisals, simulations and potential future possible designs. Finally, we provided them with a proxy to proceed with the preliminary and subsequent deed. The buyers arrived only after completing all the buying and selling processes. (You can see the story on the website: Coronavirus affects the housing market: It is predicted that there will be an initial negative outlook for the real estate market in post-Coronavirus. The Nomisma predicted in its 2020 Observatory, estimated a drop in the sector's prices between -1.3% and -4% for the two-year period 2020-2021. The forecasts for the residential sector are not better, in which it is estimated a loss of between 54.5 and 113 billion euros in turnover (between 9.2 and 22.1 billion euros in 2020 depending on the scenario that there will be ). By 2022, however, a small mitigation of the drop is expected.

Toscana Immobiliare and Marco Tedeschi Group are constantly looking for new methods and tools of the future that we would like to go through together.

- We look forward to updates from customers who have their properties for sale at our agency.

- We remain available for all those who want to entrust us with the sale of his property.

We are ready to give our very best, we will guarantee the best performances and strategies beyond the standard, a continuous study towards the future and beyond with over 30 years of experience in the real estate sector.

Marco Tedeschi
Founder and General Director