Marco Tedeschi Group successfully promotes your property sale in both the Italian and International market.

The story

Toscana Immobiliare was founded in 1989 thanks to Mr. Marco Tedeschi who joined in partnership with other associates with the aim of creating a new real estate agency of professional real estate brokerage agents.

The economic boom of the last 80's allowed a fast integration of this young real estate agency into the real estate market. But it was then in the 90's, that the requests for residential properties in the Tuscan countryside by foreigners went up exponentially. Getting closer to the new Millennium, the agency understood it was necessary to take a radical step: the market was showing clear signs of a changing trend and internet was making evident both its potential and how Globalization was going to change and deeply affectthe real estate market. Therefore in year 2000 Mr. Marco Tedeschi, the only one who believed in the agency's need of marking a drastic and sudden turning point, became the sole associate of Toscana Immobiliare.

In the first years of 2000 the agency created its own web site and after positive feedback of the new company policy was clear. The contracts with the foreign and Italian clients became more frequent and numerous, thanks to this new kind of mass media. Soon after it was time for the agency to head towards the luxury real estate market with amazing land houses and farm houses, historical villas and magnificent castles.

Thanks to his specific knowledge and expertise Mr. Tedeschi managed to get a privileged position in the market's dynamics. Especially in the two-year period, 2006-2008, the portfolio and the critiera for the selection of properties that would meet our necessary requirements were developed. The results started to show up very quickly. In the meantime the web site was developed and renewed to be always up-to-date. The secret to Toscana Immobiliare’s success is hidden in the careful selection of estate properties and the full disclosure of information provided up front.

Toscana Immobiliare Today

Since the beginning of its commercial activity, the policy of the Toscana Immobiliare has been based on few but very important and clear principles that rule the staff's every day work, such as professional skills, clearness in the relationships with the clients (about prices, costs and houses details), an honest and fair service before and after the closing of escrow, discretion and respect for privacy and most of all assuring the client's satisfaction. Also, we politely ask for our clients word of mouth marketing. These principles led to the returning of the clients, clients who have been the best business card for the agency. In the next years Toscana Immobiliare has become a point of reference for with those who wanted to promote the luxury estates sale. Villas, castles, historical houses and luxury land houses compose our selected estates' portfolio.

We reserve all this exclusive property information just for those clients who, after an opportune selection, show the will and purchasing power to make this kind of investment. At the same time, in case that our buildings portfolio may not be in the client's liking, we take care of looking for and then finding out other new exclusive properties. This is simply a "tailor made" work that needs a careful search in the territory. What characterizes us is an utmost privacy and also a perfect knowledge of the laws that rule the real estate contracts:
A real passion for the treasures of the past, the places, the flavors and the sensations, of who still nowadays chooses to love, respect and share a connection with the history.

The Staff

Our staff, carefully selected and quite professional, is able to guarantee the utmost in fairness and they are skilled in advising clients throughout the process of property purchases, whether it is a townhome, farm house, vineyards, or even castles and antique villas. Our staff can give you advice concerning the promotion of your property with special treatment using different channels such as international fairs, a high quality and elegantly designed web site, professional pictures and Italian and international magazines all over the world.

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