A list of the best properties on the market, selected by Toscana Immobiliare.
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cod ref.: C380
date: 16.02.2015

Rural village on sale with farmhouse in Tuscany villa, cellars, lands, gardens and a little church on wonderful position. Vineyard and olive groves

  • city: Incisa in Val d`Arno
  • province: Firenze
  • surface: 2650.00 mq.
  • price: Euro: 4.000.000,00

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cod ref.: C40
date: 15.11.2012

farmhouse on sale in Montalcino good structural condition in the quiet countryside surrounded by vineyards. Well and outbuildings of property.

  • city: Montalcino
  • province: Siena
  • surface: 170.00 mq.
  • price: Euro: 390.000,00

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cod ref.: C405
date: 04.01.2013

Asciano, in the heart of Tuscany, restored brick and stone farmhouse with 32 he of vineyards, olive groves and woods for sale.

  • city: Asciano
  • province: Siena
  • surface: 1000.00 mq.
  • price: Euro: 3.000.000,00

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cod ref.: C417
date: 12.09.2012

Farmhouse to be restored in panoramic position on the top of a hill in Val d'Orcia, near Siena, Castiglione d'orcia, with 50 he of land.

  • city: Castiglione D`Orcia
  • province: Siena
  • surface: 500.00 mq.
  • price: Euro: 1.600.000,00

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cod ref.: C437
date: 25.09.2013

Tuscan land house to be restored in Valdichiana in panoramic, hilly position with one outbuilding and nice views over Cortona and Montepulciano.

  • city: Montepulciano
  • province: Siena
  • surface: 1400.00 mq.
  • price: Euro: 1.000.000,00

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cod ref.: C446
date: 23.09.2013

Lucignano property in Val di Chiana, set in the hilly quite tuscan countryside restored farmhouse for sale with gardens, swimming pool and outbuilding

  • city: Lucignano
  • province: Arezzo
  • surface: 300.00 mq.
  • price: Euro: 600.000,00

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cod ref.: C452
date: 04.01.2013

Farm estate for sale near Orvieto, Umbria; stone fantastic finely restored farmhouse on hilly panoramic position, swimming pool, fields and gardens

  • city: Allerona
  • province: Terni
  • surface: 1200.00 mq.
  • price: Euro: 2.700.000,00

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cod ref.: C457
date: 04.01.2013

Near Siena, in Trequanda country house apartment for sale with well-kept garden, car park, veranda and double entrance.

  • city: Trequanda
  • province: Siena
  • surface: 160.00 mq.
  • price: Euro: 380.000,00

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cod ref.: C460
date: 29.09.2014

Cortona on sale typical, country house with land. For sale to restore land house near Arezzo Siena and Perugia Tuscany properties for sale Real estate

  • city: Cortona
  • province: Arezzo
  • surface: 420.00 mq.
  • price: Euro: 330.000,00

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